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Designer Vaginas

From the Globe and Mail: Designer Vaginas

A doctor in Los Angeles reshapes women's genitals.
"There's a need for this,” he said. “Women are driving this. I didn't create this market, the market was there.”

The trend has even reached girls as young as 15. In the past 18 months, the number of teens — and in one case an adolescent and her mother — who come to Dr. Matlock for designer vaginas has doubled.

But gynecological experts say there is no proof that vaginal tightening improves sex and warn the procedure risks harmful side effects, including infection, hemorrhaging, loss of sensation, nerve injury, formation of scar tissue as well as becoming too tight. (Dr. Matlock says he has been reluctant to submit studies for publication in medical journals because he does not want to reveal his techniques.) “There are definite potential downsides to this,” said Dr. Young, adding that any possible benefits of tightening are not permanent. (My emphasis)

I am almost incoherent with confusion, anger and sadness. This is actually what we've come to? Women obsessing over how their vulvas look?! Getting stitches to improve the tightness of their vaginas?! Undergoing dangerous surgical procedures so that their important, functional and incredibly sensitive bits look better?! I don't care how good your sex life is, how many MINUTES a WEEK does your vagina actually get looked at?! Can there actually be that much variation in looks?! If you're having sex, don't you think you could let go of that little insecurity?! And the article claims that tightness improves sex for the woman, but that's only because it's lined with muscle, and when a muscle is toned there's better blood circulation and sensitivity. I can't believe that stitches (once healed, I'm shuddering at the thought of how painful this would all be) would do anything to improve sensitivity. And what is this business about teenagers?! What sort of fucked up mindset is that?! "Honey, I know this is a strange time for you, your body's changing and everything. I think as you embark on this difficult path to womanhood, labia surgery will make things a lot easier for you." Not to mention that the operation is ridiculously expensive.

And for these Male Vagina Snobs, whoever they are, WHAT the FUCK?! If you like how they look, like how they ALL look. If you don't like how they look, get over it. Realize how lucky you are to be in the position to look anyway.

Women are not objects. I can't believe I have to use such a trite cliche to get my point across. Women do not exist to look pretty for men. Let us be. Let us live and do stuff and not have to think about whether or not our outer labia are prettier than the Playboy centerfold.

Hey, while we're on the subject, The Keeper still rocks my world. It's comfortable, easy to use, right there when I need it, made of natural rubber so it's low impact on the environment, and it was $40 and will last me 10 years. I really do reccommend it. And girls, wear cotton underwear that breathes as much as possible, and only wash with warm water, and normal soap if you have to.

Hey girls! I wanted to take a stab at this community again. Anything to say?
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