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memaryam asked about the userpic a long time ago. I didn't answer partly because I forgot and partly because I wasn't sure what to say.

The deal is, the photo is a self-portrait of Tracey Emin, titled All Mine. She is a contemporary British artist that is a pretty big name there, and her work is autobographical and often sexual. Some of the work she is known for is My Bed, an installation that was actually the contents of her bedroom following a breakdown (dirty sheets, used condoms, empty bottles, etc.), a tent with the names of all the people she had ever slept with, and a series of hand-stitched blankets with slightly creepy sayings. From the little I've read about her, some people in the art world think she's a genius, and some think she's going only for shock value. She's recently done some anti-American stuff.

I saw the real picture in the Saatchi Gallery and I liked it, because it is shocking, and eye-catching, and supposed to be. I don't think there are too many layers to it. She's making money off her sexuality, and revelling in it. Her pose is both childish and sexual. Her delight is almost endearing, but it's excessive. But why is it excessive? Should women not be (violently) happy about having money? Is the money a sex toy? Is it going to impregnate her? Is she using her uterus as a bank/safe hiding place? You could even say it looks like she's trying to stuff the money back in. That's my trying-to-be-an-art-critic response.

I agree with your comment, that if she's actually stuffing money into her crotch it would be really unsanitary. :)
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