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I know most of you on my friends list have already seen this stuff (I definitely have even though I don't have Lisa on my friends list) but I wanted to let the rest of you know how cool the t-shirts on her site are! I'm killing myself laughing. There are lots of different styles to choose from, and the words include:

'squish a boob, save a life'
'I'm a boob girl'/'I'm a boob guy'
'I'd stare, too'
'Nice rack (Isn't it?)'
'I like your boobs, too.'
'b00bs r0xx0r'
'I use my breasts to get attention'
'I like boobies'
'Save the boobs!'

Buying any of them gives a 10$ donation to Lisa's efforts to raise money for breast cancer.

Now, if only I could decide which one I'm gutsy enough to buy...

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