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Let's get the ball rolling


I couldn't think of anything more creative or 'nuanced', so I figured we could talk about feminism and what that means. To me, it should simply be the belief that men and women are equal and have equal rights.

It seems that

The belief that society is disadvantageous to women, systematically depriving them of individual choice, political power, economic opportunity and intellectual recognition.

A major movement in western theology since the 1960s, which lays particular emphasis upon the importance of women's experience, and has directed criticism against the patriarchalism of Christianity. See pp. 100-2.

Theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes. [bell hooks]

advocacy of women's rights

Movement in support of the view that men and women should have equal social value and status.

a doctrine that advocates equal rights for women

feminist movement: the movement aimed at equal rights for women

I think the question then becomes what is equal, and what is a right.
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