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An lj friend posted this list of the differences between men and women, in computery terms (it's probably aligning men with Macs and women with PC's).

Men have a single, straightforward interface that accepts direct commands.

Men will do what you want them to do if you tell them very specifically what you want to have done, where to do it, and how to do it.

Men have a very predictable manner of behaving and won't try to do everything for you.

Men have the ability to explain, in detail, why they're not "feeling well."

Men are free. Just pick the one you want and say "You'll do."

Men aren't so hard to understand and will allow you to examine how they work in detail. Some of it may be confusing at times, but it can all be understood if you keep working at it.

Men prefer to have as many people as possible working on their problems at once and tend to adapt themselves to either adapt to their environment or recreate their environment to better suit their needs.

Women, on the other hand, have a great number of buttons, switches and settings that need to be set "just right."

Women will try to anticipate what you want it to do and react accordingly, but not necessarily in the manner you hoped for.

When things are not right with women, it's nearly impossible to understand what the source of the problem is.

Women are expensive to obtain and then keep sucking your funds on "upgrades" once you pick one out.

The underlying operating of women is both a very protected secret and an archaic, unintelligable language that only the Creator can understand.

No one but the Creator can create solutions to the underlying flaws of women. The women themselves, however, try to hide their flaws through varying layers of obfuscation.

Things like this annoy me. The thing is, they annoy me both because I think they make untrue generalizations and because I sort of relate. I find it frustrating that certain behaviour is characterised as bad and typically female, and other is good and typically male.
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Ok, the problem with these things is that while some things are applicable to some people, they can't of course be universal. And the things that try to appear universal are half the time incredibly offensive. "Women are expensive to obtain"? Relationships are expensive; you will probably spend money on the person you care about. Stop fucking blaming women for your personal behavior.

Also, the whole air of the piece is offensive, for the reason you underlined--"female" behavior is bad, "male" behavior is good. That just burns me up, as previously discussed.