memaryam (memaryam) wrote in mtlgirltalk,

um..... hello

so sorry if this is kinda perhaps not too relevant but who's picture is that??? in the info page? Is that you Mariana?

peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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heh, no it's Tracy Emin, a British artist. It's called 'I have it all' or something like that, and she's stuffing money into her crotch.
At the risk of soundign slightly anal, is she actually stuffing the money in? because that's kinda unclean.

Also, what does she really mean? that vaginas (female sexuality) is for sale? or that it can be only percieved as a thing that is exchanged for money? I don't know, I am just throwing things out there. I mean it seems like it is making a strong statement, but what is that statement, exactly?